Are you looking for coaching towards a more meaningful, thriving life? Here is a great approach for you: psychological flexibility & resilience training.

It’s probably easiest to think of it as a sort of “yoga for the mind”, where you will learn some mental manoeuvres to help you negotiate life. The approach is based up to date psychological theory and research, and is supported by scientific evidence.

You already know that you want some coaching, but it can be hard to choose. A further problem is that there are many unlicensed coaches available, and you want someone who is safe and effective. How about not using a coach at all?

Dr Laura Walton – Clinical Psychologist

As a psychologist (with three University degrees and over 10 years of clinical experience) I have a deep understanding of human behaviour. I get how we are affected by our experiences in life. I’m qualified to work with significant mental health issues, and I know how we can avoid getting stuck with them.

One aspect of that is helping people to live the way they choose to, and avoid getting stuck in the first place!

Maybe it would help to think of it like a physiotherapist (who often treat physical injuries) also offering coaching in physical activity to build strength and resilience. I do offer therapy for people who are stuck and struggling, but I also provide coaching to go beyond that – to live well and get what you want out of life.

As a psychologist I am regulated by the Health and Care Professionals Council, which means following ethical and professional standards to be permitted to practice. I have also taken additional training in coaching to compliment extensive qualifications in psychological practice.

My experience means I have a deep understanding of human development and am sensitive to individual needs.

Psychological Flexibility & Resilience Coaching

The coaching I offer is based around a set of psychological processes. I invite you to read through the following focuses of each session. Our work will of course be tailored to your specific need, so that you can learn to apply these skills to improve life for yourself.

Choose from a selection of …

Knowing your direction of travel – It’s hard to achieve what you want in life if you are not sure what that is! Similarly, achieving goal after goal is meaningless if you are going in the wrong direction. So in this session we will explore what actually matters to you and how you want to live.

Identifying your tangled knots – Sometimes we feel stuck, held back by things like doubt, uncertainty, confidence issues, stress, external circumstances …. This session focuses on taking a good look at what gets you stuck, building your ability to notice and give yourself ways stay out of the trap.

Dropping the struggle (a) stepping back – Do you ever notice the stuff your mind says to you? Does it ever say unhelpful things? Like “you are useless, you’ll never be good enough, nobody likes what you do…”? Or does it say … “it’s too hard, leave it till tomorrow”? Our thoughts can be big barriers to doing what we want to do in life. In this session we learn to deal with them differently.

Dropping the struggle (b) leaning in – when you are trying to do something that is important to you, do you get anxious? feel scared? full of doubt? Sometimes these uncomfortable feelings become barriers to progress and they push us around. In this session we learn some ways to regain control and do what we really want to do.

Doing what matters – right! you can know what matters to you, but doing it is a different thing! Like you can know you want to get fit or lose weight, but actually putting on your training shoes and going out the door is harder. (Or write a novel /set up a business / ….). In this session we look at how you can commit to action.

More than the sum of our parts – there is more to you than the challenge you are here to look at. In this session we widen the lense so that, through ups and downs, you can continue to thrive.


Each session £80/50 minutes.

Or book seven sessions for £490 (equivalent of one free session).

Payment is due in advance, on the day on the appointment. On booking, you will receive an invoice via email.

Want more to get more value from your investment?

You will be investing in these sessions and it is important to me that you gain value from them. In order to gain more, I offer a form of “blended coaching”.

This means that, in addition to our one-to-one meetings (via videocall) I set between session work via interactive worksheets. These include video or audio sessions, so that you are effectively getting extra time “with” me, but for no additional fee.

You can use these to continue our work together, make progress between sessions and stay on track.

How does it work?

It’s quite easy. Get in touch and we will meet via videocall. All you really need is a time, private space, a pc/laptop/tablet and a good internet connection.

You can book a complimentary call to decide if this is for you here:

Or want to get started straight away with your first full session? Get in touch on the from below with your rough availability and I will send you the calendar!