All the empathy, none of the germs

When you access therapy online, rather than being physically present, there are a few unexpected benefits. One of these practical perks is that there is that it limits exposure to coughs, colds, and other contagious ills.

This is a welcome benefit for both parties, but especially compared to going into a clinic or hospital to access psychological support … when neither need really be in a healthcare facility.

There are things you want to share with your therapist, but a cold or flu bug is not one of them. It’s often frustrating for all concerned when we have a “bit of a sniffle”, but are quite capable of meeting for the planned session. You don’t want to lose out, and your therapist doesn’t want to let you down!

Added to that, in a busy clinic area, lots of people coming in and out means can mean more germs being passed around. For some healthcare issues, the person really does need to physically visit the building. We can all reduce our risks with appropriate hand-washing, covering coughs and sneezes in the crook of an arm, etc. But when physical presence is optional, why not enjoy the advantage?

Of course, there is a balance, this is not to advocate for staying indoors and avoiding human contact. In fact that really isn’t good for you. Just that we can be conscious, choosing which environments we want to enter, and when.

And I certainly would not suggest choosing online therapy for this reason. For some people, the physical presence of their therapist really matters to them, and so online meetings would not appeal. However, for some people meeting a psychologist online works well. Outwith this minor, welcome perk, there are many advantages and conveniences.