Access to these services are subject to the following terms and conditions and all applicable laws.  By accessing and browsing the site the client accept without limitation or qualification these terms and conditions.

This service is for psychological consultation, therapy, coaching and/or training offered via online video calls. The service is provided by Dr Laura Walton, who is registered as a sole trader.

Dr Laura Walton is a Clinical Psychologist based in the United Kingdom and regulated by the Health Care Professionals council.   In this document referred to as “clinician”.

“Two Clicks Psychological Services” is the website of Dr Laura Walton.


Developing a clear psychological explanation for what is going on for the client means that we will likely need to talk about client personal experiences and circumstances.  The content of sessions is confidential.   There are exceptions to confidentiality, the clinician may share information: 

 … if the client inform the clinician, or gives reason for them to think, that the client or another named person, is at risk of harm, then the clinician may pass this information to a relevant person or organisation (e.g. client ICE or GP).

… if the client disclose knowledge of criminal activity or information that relates to a statutory obligation, for example, safeguarding of children or terrorism.

… if instructed by a court.

Psychologists discuss their clients with other qualified persons (usually psychologists), for the purpose of support, clarification and professional development.  In such discussions, we would talk about the client and their concerns and experiences, this helps to share ideas about the best way to help the client. 

With client permission, the clinician retains anonymised notes for case studies and examples to be used in training, or reports.  Client identity would not be revealed. This is optional, declining will not impact on the service offered.

Data & online security

Client personal information (name, contact details, etc. ) and notes of our work together will be stored securely in cloud storage.   See our privacy policy for full details.

 The client and clinician share responsibility for secure exchange and storage of data and need to:

… arrange a private space for our sessions where we will not be disturbed 

… ensure computing devices and online accounts are secure (i.e. anti-virus, password protected etc)

… use secure methods to send information and address emails correctly.

Fees & Payment

Fees for self-funding clients are at the rate of £80 per session. 

Fees for insured clients are £110 per session, to account for the additional administrative costs.

Letters and reports are charged at the hourly rate.

Payment is via online invoice sent to the client in advance.  Payment is due on the day of the appointment. Multiple options for online payment are given. 

Cancellation & non-attendance

If the client needs to cancel within 48 hours of booked appointment, no payment is due.

If the client cancels our appointment within 48 hours of booked appointment, or does not attend, then client payment for the cancelled appointment may be retained.

If the clinician needs to cancel and re-arrange our appointment, no payment is due.  Client fee will be returned or carried over to the next appointment.

Termination of service

The client may end your use of our services at any time.  We do ask that the client provide two days notice via email. 

We reserve the right to contact the client in the event of non-attendance. If no response is received, and there is no clinical reason for concern, we will end the contract. 

Governing law

Any dispute arising out of use of our services or these terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of England, and the user and the company submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. The company’s omission to exercise any right under these terms and conditions shall not constitute a waiver of such right.

Interaction expectations

The clinician will use client email address to communicate about appointments and to send documents or links as agreed during appointments.  Notification of changes to appointments is via email.   

Crises / Urgent Support

Consultation and therapy is via appointment only and not available for emergency support.  In the event that the client requires urgent support, clients are advised to contact their own GP/local doctor, NHS 111 or emergency services.

Changes in agreement

We reserve the right to alter these Terms and conditions at any time. If you have any questions on these Terms and Conditions then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please contact via the provided email address or the contact form on our website.

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