Fees and Payment

I offer accessible psychological consultation at a competitive rate to individual people. There are also packages available which allow you to buy an amount of time and then split this in a way that is useful. For example, you may use a three hour package as meetings of: 3 x 60 minutes, or 2 x 90 minutes, or 60 minutes, 2 x 45 minutes and 30 minutes. By committing to therapy or coaching in this way, you gain a discount and encourage meaningful change.

Fees (Self-Funding)

Which session to book?

It is recommended to start with the standard 60 minute appointment, or the extended 90 minutes.

The extended 90 minute sessions are useful for getting started when there is a lot you want to talk about; and for EMDR processing sessions.

Following our first meeting, we can agree what length of sessions will be most useful to you. We will take into account what feels comfortable to you, therapeutic progress and your budget. The usual duration is 60 minutes. Some people find shorter or longer appointments more helpful.

(If reports, letters or consultation to other professionals is required, the hourly rate applies.)

Private Health Insurance

Registered with a range of insurers, including AXA & BUPA.

If you intend to access therapy via insurers, please use the form below to ask for further information on payment and sessions.


Payment is in advance, via online invoice.

You will receive an invoice via email with various payment options.

There is a 48-hour notice period for cancellation.

Still have questions? Please do ask –