Two Main Approaches

As a clinical psychologist I’ve trained in various different approaches. After more that 15 years of these different therapies, I have found two that are particularly helpful. Until 2021, I would have said my main approach was ACT. That changed virtually overnight when I trained in EMDR.

What’s the difference? ACT is wonderful, I practice it myself and thoroughly recommend learning the concepts. It works through active exploration and changes to what we do. It focuses very much in the present and involves different ways of coping with old wounds. EMDR is (oddly) very different and also involving the all the same processes. It is not a talking therapy, it’s an intervention that targets the physical nervous system. It is highly structured, and you do not need work at changing. The change happens naturally as a result of the healing of old wounds.

We start with a session or two to explore what is going on for you and agree an explanation that makes sense to you. If we agree that there are some unhealed sore spots that are driving your issues (self worth, trauma, limiting beliefs, vulnerabilities) then I will often recommend EMDR.

Read more on the pages for ACT and EMDR. Better still, book a videocall and we can talk about how it may apply in your case.