Services for Scuba Divers

Psychological consultation and/or therapy may be useful for a range of concerns. I offer specialist psychological services for problems experienced by scuba divers. All services are offered via online video call and available throughout the UK.

Support or therapy following a diving incident:

  • Underwater panic with significant impact
  • Distressing equipment problem
  • Responding to problems: out-of-air / entrapment / entanglement / rapid ascent
  • Coping with distressing or traumatic diving incidents

Specific scuba diving issues:

In the majority of cases the best way to address difficulties with scuba diving skills would be to find the right instructor. A safe, effective learning environment to develop scuba diving skills and confidence is often enough. But sometimes it isn’t. I therefore offer consultation on the following issues.

  • Problematic anxiety or repeat episode of panic 
  • Specific fears / phobias
  • Trouble with particular scuba diving skills (e.g. mask)
  • Difficulty regulating stress reactions hindering diving
  • Distressing or intrusive thoughts hindering diving

Non-diving issues that are impacting on psychological/behavioural or physical fitness-to-dive

For people that would like to scuba dive, or progress further in diving, and are experiencing barriers to diving or training.  For example:

  • Mental health concerns (e.g. excessive and problematic anxiety, low mood & depression).
  • Chronic stress & burnout
  • Confidence & esteem issues
  • Lifestyle concerns, (e.g. physical fitness and diet, poor sleep)

This service is for psychological guidance, information and skills training. Not for scuba diving tuition.

Where fitness-to-dive is a concern, divers are directed to seek a medical opinion from their own doctor or consult a doctor with dive medicine expertise.

Where dive training is required, and the diver is fit-to-dive, divers are directed to seek the services of a scuba diving instructor.

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