Covid 19 Resources

When we first became aware of the pandemic, there was a frenzy of activity with health, wellness, coaching and therapy businesses creating resources. In fact almost every business has some sort of Covid resource hub these days. But there is something counter-productive to our psychological health that comes from an onslaught of online information, and so I choose not to make any. Also, the selection is really quite overwhelming.

However, in the last few months one resource stands out from them all for me. It is a long, illustrated guide that you can download for free. It also contains links to useful audios. It takes time to read and follow … but how many of the blogs and lists have you really put into action to date? This one is different.

This is a guide that takes you through the evidence-based, psychological approach to living meaningfully, even during times of stress. It applies whether the current source of your difficulty is Covid 19, or something else entirely different.

The guide was created by Russ Harris for the World Health Organisation (so if you do not believe me, you can ask them!). You can download it here right now: