Confidentiality and privacy


Developing a clear psychological explanation for what is going on for you means that we will likely need to talk about your personal experiences and circumstances.  What we discuss during these sessions is confidential. 

Exceptions to confidentiality

The service is private and confidential.   There are some exceptions to confidentiality: 

  •  client reports that client or another named person, is at risk of harm, then I may pass this information to a relevant person or organisation (e.g. ICE or GP).
  • client discloses knowledge of criminal activity or information that relates to a statutory obligation, for example, safeguarding of children or terrorism.
  • if instructed by a court.

The service retains anonymised notes for case studies and examples to be used in training, or reports.  In the event these records are retained beyond the period for note retention, client identity is removed from these records. This is optional, declining will not impact on the service offered to the client.

Other professionals

To ensure that you receive a safe and high quality service, I may need to talk about our work with other professionals. Clinical Psychologists must have a “supervisor” who supports their work. Relevant client information will be discussed in supervision & peer supervision, generally using client first name only.

The service is private and confidential.  Other professionals, such as GP or healthcare, will not be notified or involved. Except:

  • where contact is at the request of the client
  • as per confidentiality agreement
  • where there are specific reasons that other professionals need to be involved, for example in the case where client is known to be a vulnerable adult.

If you are self-funding, and no exceptions are required, then the only person who will know you are attending the service is you (and anyone you choose to tell).


You and I share responsibility for secure exchange and storage of data and need to:

  • arrange a private space for our sessions where we will not be disturbed 
  • ensure computing devices and online accounts are secure (i.e. anti-virus, password protected etc)
  • use secure methods to send information and address emails correctly.

Your personal information (name, contact details etc. ) and case notes will be stored securely, complying with UK laws on data privacy.