My approach

After all of this training and experience, in various approaches to supporting people, I have found that one approach stands out. The reason I know this is because I follow the approach myself.

I offer to be present with you and the difficulties you may face. In order to do this, I need to take care of myself. I therefore offer only a limited number of appointments. During your appointment, you will have my full attention.

A life that is meaningful

The approach I follow is, fundamentally about living a more meaningful life. It has many tools for helping you to identify what matters to you, and supporting you to make those changes.

It is called ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training. You can research it, I would suggest looking up the work of Steve Hayes, Kelly Wilson and Russ Harris for starters. I am also happy to recommend specific books for you to read.

At its heart, ACT is about doing what matters, being open and present in your own life. It focuses on building “psychological flexibility” to respond to your experiences. (Its a bit like yoga for your mind). We learn various ways to respond effectively to painful and challenging aspects of life, so that we can keep doing the things that matter.