Your concerns

If you are struggling with mental and emotional wellbeing and require support through these difficulties, you may benefit from psychological therapy.

psychological therapY FOR …

Low-mood, depression and/or anxiety

The human condition is such that we are able to tear ourselves apart with our own minds. You may find yourself trapped in a hole of depression or anxiety and, no matter how hard you try to dig your way out, the hole just gets deeper. Put down the spade – there are other tools you can use!

Chronic stress, fatigue and burnout

Our world is very busy, and there is constant pressure to do more! It is also likely that you are someone who is passionate about what you do. That means you give it your all, and sometimes there is nothing left! There are things you want to do, but you are exhausted, and frustrated! You may find it useful to learn to look after yourself a little better … for a lot of people that is a bigger challenge than any career goal!


Unfortunately life can throw some stuff at us, sometimes including deeply unpleasant and traumatic events. “Trauma” is a big word. Here I use it to cover a range of experiences such as being involved in accidents, being subject to violence or abuse or more subtle forms of psychological trauma. Unresolved traumas can sometimes interfere with life and prevent you engaging with the stuff that is important to you. Essentially therapy is about making sense of what happened and learning skills to deal with the aftermath so that you can move forward.

If you are generally well, but struggling to move forward with aspects of your life, then a focus on psychological skills training or coaching may be more appropriate for you.

Psychological training and coaching FOR …

Confidence and esteem issues

Perhaps there is something you want to do or achieve, but keep getting stuck behind barriers: lack of confidence or low self-esteem. When you try to take action, this flares up and knocks you off course! Maybe it even drives you towards depression or anxiety. Depending on the nature of your experience, you may benefit from psychological understanding of these issues and learning skills to work-around the barriers.

Lifestyle concerns (e.g. physical fitness and diet)

Maybe you are doing some things that you know are not helpful for you. You’d like to lose weight, but over-eat. You want to be healthier, but have habits that make you unwell. Possibly you have completely forgotten how to switch off and relax, so you feel permanently stressed. You may find it helpful to reflect on what is driving you to do these things, and picking up some new habits.


Or it could be that there is something big on the horizon! A change of career or lifestyle? There is “that thing” you have always wanted to do and, as much as you want to do it – it’s hard. You may find expanding your psychological skill set is helpful to you in staying on course through the challenges.